About HealthSTART

I’ve believed for many years that a long happy, healthy life depended on how you treated your body on a daily basis- what you fed it, how you moved it, what types of thoughts and attitudes you had. We each have so many days on this earth, and probably more when we take care of this body we live in. But with each day being so precious, it made sense to me that those days should also be Linda McDermottworthwhile and we should give ourselves the best opportunity to make the most of each of them. To me, that means a day feeling lousy, or spent on the couch with a cold, flu, or anything else, is a wasted day.

I started HealthSTART as a vehicle to help others to live their lives with optimal health and boundless energy. My own family got to experience the benefits first: I had more energy, so I was a better mom; my kids had better immunity, so they missed less school and performed better while they were there; and my husband had a dramatic turnaround with a long term health problem that gave him back a quality of life that we thought was gone for good.

My team works with me, as well as independently to help share the same health options with others. We have a pharmacist, a chiropractor, several educators and others in the health field that work to help people experience better health and more vibrant lives.

We are fortunate to be able to work with people across the U.S. and have opportunities to also work globally. Picture a world without illness, a world filled with healthy, energetic families, a world where each day is exciting to look forward to and enriching to experience. That is the world I work to help create each day.