Allergies – Try Alfalfa!

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It’s allergy season…again…
You may be tired of over the counter allergy meds – they leave you sluggish, foggy brained, and maybe you’ve read about some of the long term side effects of many of them – such as memory problems. Yuck!
Here’s a natural approach to allergy relief – alfalfa. Yup, that’s the stuff cows and rabbits eat. Alfalfa does many things, but one of the exciting things about alfalfa is that it is a natural antihistamine, so it naturally gives allergy relief! How cool is that?
Along with allergy relief, you may find when taking alfalfa, that your digestion is better, that inflammation from things like gout or arthritis is better, that body odor is lessened, skin blemishes disappear, and much more.

Alfalfa Plant

Alfalfa Plant

There are many ‘green’ drinks on the market today, made from a variety of plants. However, the leaves of MATURE alfalfa plants have been recognized for centuries as “The King of ALL Plants”. This is due to the deep root of the mature alfalfa plants. There are more minerals available in alfalfa than in most green drinks.

We love the pure, fully mature alfalfa leaves that make up Premium Alfalfa by Shaklee. Organically grown, with no GMO’s, you can feel safe using Shaklee Premium Alfalfa.

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