B-Complex – Be Sure it’s Going to Work for You

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You may have Shaklee B-Complex vs. Brand X in dissolvingheard that B-Complex is the ‘happy’ vitamin. It’s actually a bunch of vitamins – all part of the B vitamin complex. But they work together to give you more energy, reduce stress, help you cope and MUCH, MUCH more! Click for Fact Sheet on B-Complex.

One thing most people don’t realize about consuming B vitamins, is that they need to be taken together in that ‘Complex’ form, and the amounts need to be BALANCED to ensure you don’t get too much of one and not enough of another. Be sure to read the label and look for balanced amounts of B-Complex in the RDA or DV column, NOT the amount column. Too many companies throw in 50 – 100 mg of each form of B vitamin, which can result in there being as little as 10% of the DV of one form of B-vitamin or as much as 5000%! Now that’s a BIG difference!

You also want your B-vitamin to actually break down so your body can use it. Check out the picture with the two different brands. The Shaklee brand broke down quickly in just water, while the other brand just sits there (look for the pink pill). A lot of good THAT will do! Money down the drain!

People talk about the yellow after effects of taking B-Complex. Yes, your pee will be yellow – it’s the way to tell if you have enough in your system. It’s a small byproduct of one of the B vitamins in the complex. Better to have a little extra yellow in your pee, than none at all!

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