Cornucopia of Digestive Aids

| November 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

thanksgiving-digestive-productsThe holidays are around the corner. You LOVE the turkey, trimmings and dessert. And the holiday cookies and candy. We ALL do! But then comes the bloat, the indigestion, the acid reflux, the ‘oh, I don’t feel so great’ feelings.

Shaklee comes to the rescue, with a bountiful assortment of digestive products to help you comfortably get through the holidays.

Start with EZ-Gest – the digestive aid that covers ALL the bases – helps your body digest protein, beans AND dairy. Pop one before you sit down to enjoy the turkey.

PREMIUM ALFALFA has amazing properties to help with digestion, lower inflammation, give allergy relief and much much more.

OPTIFLORA – all probiotics are not alike. Most are destroyed by the heat and acid of the digestive system and NEVER get to the colon, where they are needed to build good health. Shaklee Optiflora has a patented, triple encapsulation, guaranteeing 95% live delivery of beneficial bacteria to your colon. Other companies have no guarantee at all and hope that maybe 5% get where they need to go.

HERB LAX – An assortment of herbs work together to gently, safely give ease in elimination, while also working to improve the health of the colon. Take as needed, or daily.

STOMACH SOOTHING COMPLEX – Yummy peppermint/ginger combo gives quick relief to overeating distress. Swallow, or crush to make a soothing tea.

Whatever your digestive needs during the holidays, you’ll find great answers with these products.

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