Eating ‘Clean’ Should Include Clean Supplements

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I hear so many people talking about ‘eating clean’ today. That’s a good things – it means people are thinking about what goes into the food they put into their bodies. It means they’re looking for food that is organically grown, not genetically modified, and not overly processed. Your body knows what to do with food like that!

If you saw yourself in that first paragraph – congrats on being a ‘clean eater’!

Make a Difference in YOUR Life!

Make a Difference in YOUR Life!

My question is this – are your supplements as ‘clean’ as the food you’re eating?

If you’re not sure, or if you’re selecting supplements from the drug store shelves or big box stores, or even purchasing from online vitamin brokers, you may be putting a bunch of junk into your system every time you swallow your multivitamin.

Here are a few ways to find out how ‘clean’ your supplement is:

1. Does your supplement have the USP label on it? If so, it has been tested for 140 different toxins. While this sounds good, you can do better. (how about testing for 350 toxins?)
2. Start reading the label and fine print on the back. Does your supplement have artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners? Does it have synthetic ingredients like crospovidone or titanium dioxide? Does it have fillers like talc?
3. What third party clinical studies have been done on the completed product you are thinking of using?

It’s hard to find all the answers to those 3 questions, especially the last one. Unless…. you check out Shaklee. All the natural, ingredients are organically grown and non-GMO. They test for 350 different toxins (just to be sure!), have NO junk in them (a ZERO TOLERANCE for contaminants!) and do oodles of clinical testing on their finished products to ensure they work as they are supposed to (and 100,000 quality control tests!) It’s your assurance that while you’re eating clean, you can also have clean supplements as well. Gotta love Shaklee!

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