Natural Solutions for Flu Prevention and Recovery

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You got your flu shot.  So you SHOULD be protected from the fluthis year, right?  Not necessarily.  The flu strain coming through this year is a tricky bugger and mutates quickly and regularly, so the vaccine that SHOULD have prevented it this year is anywhere from 10-30% effective, depending on which scientists you talk to.  Bottom line, you can STILL get the flu, even if you’ve had your flu shot.

Of course you’re going to do the handwashing and the attempts to stay away from others with the flu.  We certainly hope you’ll stay home from work if you have flu symptoms.  Please don’t share those with your coworkers!  But the flu is really spread through vapor in the air, so it’s very difficult to avoid.  So in addition to some of the things you’re already doing, here are a few more that can help you stay flu free, or have a shortened duration of the flu.

  1. Eat a healthy diet, filled with plenty of fruits and veggies.  Stay away from sugary foods, as the sugar content depresses your immune system.
  2. Get exercise and plenty of rest.  Fresh air and rest are so great to help keep your immune system strong.
  3. Drink lots of water and other hydrating fluids.  These help flush out the yuck, while keeping you hydrated and feeling better.
  4. Supplement wisely.  A superior quality multi-vitamin is a must for general health and well being.  Then look at immune boosters such as Nutriferon, to build your immunity on a regular basis from the inside.
  5. Have these products on the shelf for use as soon as you feel the first symptoms of flu, cold, or other virus.  They can stop these illnesses in their tracks, or lessen the severity and duration immensely.  Our very favorite for holding the flu at bay is Defend and Resist.  The herbs in this product round off the edges of the flu cell, preventing it from spreading to other cells. Really truly take this at the first sign of cold or flu and ward off the nasties!  Safe for children over one year of age.  Chew, swallow, or make into a warm purple drink.
  6. We also love the bubbly, effervesant Vitalized Immunity. Drop in a glass of water and watch it fizz.  Get the equivalent vitamin C found in 16 oranges, plus all kinds of other great nutrients to support your immune system.  Drink hot or cold.  Kids LOVE to watch the fizz!
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