Organic and Beyond Organic – Know What You are Buying

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If you’re like many of us, you are trying to ‘eat clean’ and ‘live clean’.  Great idea!  So you start off looking for things grown organically.  What does that actually mean?

When a farmer grows a product organically, it means they are very careful with what they do or do not put on the plant and the soil.  When they avoid pesticides, and use environmentally safe products, their plants can go to market labelled as organic.  But is it really?  Is the soil really clean and free of toxins?  Is the water source free of toxins?  Is the farm near an interstate or road system that has lots of exhaust blowing over the crops?  These things can all make a difference in how ‘clean’ the final product actually is.

Here’s just one example of an organic green tea that wasn’t really organic at all.  This green tea was grown deep in land far away from modern civilization and roadways.  It couldn’t possibly be contaminated.  Yet, when tested, it was one of the most heavily contaminated green found – due to contaminated water feeding the field.

To make matters even more difficult to determine true organic, consider that the 2006 agricultural appropriations bill was passed with a rider allowing 38 synthetic, yes synthetic, ingredients to be used in ‘organic foods’, including food colorings, starches, sausage and hot-dog casings, hops, fish oil, chipotle chili pepper, and gelatin.  This allowed Anheuser-Busch in 2007 to have its Wild Hop Lager certified organic, even though it uses hops grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides.


So to go ‘beyond organic’ means that the company using the plant or herb has to do some additional testing, mBeyond Organic 1aybe a LOT of additional testing.  They need to test the plant for toxins that may have worked their way into the plant via soil, water, or air.  Very few companies do this additional testing, because it costs more money.  But it can ensure that the final product that you put on your body, in your body, or around your body is clean and safe.

I only know of one company that tests and tests and tests.  They look for over 350 different contaminants and refuse any raw ingredient containing even the smallest amount.  They use 3rd party testing to ensure the safety of all herbs.  It is the Shaklee Corporation.  They have led by example for over 60 years and can be truly trusted to offer pure, safe, beyond organic products.

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