Our Newest Shaklee Baby!

| September 8, 2017 | 0 Comments
Flossie at 3 months old.

Flossie at 3 months old.

Don’t you just LOVE babies? So cute and cuddly. Our newest Shaklee baby is of the 4-legged variety and so happy to be here and thriving. Without Shaklee, the story may have had a much different ending.

Flossie was born in May and for whatever reason, couldn’t nurse. With all babies, a failure to nurse is a failure to thrive. By the time Flossie’s owners realized she wasn’t nursing, a week had gone by. They rushed to get colostrum from the vet, but also knew that at this point, the colostrum alone would probably not save her life.

Enter Shaklee nutrition. Flossie’s owners started adding Shaklee Liquilea (liquid multivitamin/multimineral) to her bottle every morning. They added Shaklee Instant Protein to her bottle every evening. And Flossie loved it.

Take a look at her at 3 months old – thriving, happy, beautiful.

Shaklee products have found many uses on the farm, keeping animals safe and healthy, producing more milk, reducing incidence of parasites and much much more.

Happy Flossie!!

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