Rev Up With a Safe, Natural Energy Drink

| May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments
Performance and pom tea

Safe, natural energy drink!

Summer heat is here… we’re all spending more time outdoors.  With heat and activity, hydration is a must. I have found an amazing safe, natural energy drink.  It’s filled with all the electrolytes to rehydrate quickly, AND it gets great taste and the natural energy boost from red, white and green teas.  So healthy!

I use two Shaklee products – the Performance Rehydrating Mix in the lemon lime flavor and the Pomegranate Tea from the Shaklee 180 line.  Mix up 8 oz. of the Performance and add one straw of the Pomegranate tea.  Pour over ice. Voila! Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic.  Just great taste, energy, and hydration.

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